Mr. Vishal Talreja

(Director IIFT, President of Gladrags Education
and Welfare society)


Mr. Vishal Talreja (Director IIFT Bhopal) has been providing his expertise knowledge in the field of fashion, garment, interiors and many more fields for over 20 years and has brought IIFT to a new height of fashion education by running and developing the technical and administration area successfully for almost 10 years in the city and has a great hand in promoting the brand and its students.

Mr. Vishal Talreja In Various Roles

Social Welfare Consultant

Fields- Education and Welfare He is the president of the NGO- Gladrags Education and Welfare Society. This NGO aims at the upliftment of poor and underprivileged and through its various CSR activities. The NGO reaches out to people and provides them direction and enthusiasm to face the world with dignity.

Career Councellor

Fields- education, fashion, interior, fine arts, textile, personality development and enhancement.

Fashion Expertise And Consultant

Field – Fashion, Interiors, Personality Development.

Events Consultant

Fields- Fashion Shows, Branding, Fashion Event, Workshops.

Our Director

About Him

Mr. Vishal Talreja is one of the leading experts in the city and has been spreading his knowledge and expertise in various fields. He has been invited to various major programmes for judging fashion events and has been making a buzz in the leading newspapers and electronic media of the city like Bhaskar , Times of India, Hindustan Times, Patrika and many more sharing his views and knowledge. He has been supporting his students and guiding them towards having a down to earth attitude and real ground knowledge about their own self. Not only in the field of design but he also has a great knowledge about the market situations and dealings.