Mr. Ratandeep Lal

(Founder & Chairman)


Mr. Ratandeep Lal (Chairman IIFT group) is an experienced fashion technologist in the field of fashion and garment, and is country’s leading fashion technologist. He has set up one of India’s largest fashion designing, Interior designing and textile designing institute in South Delhi I.e. International Institute Of Fashion Technology (IIFT).

Mr. Ratandeep Lal In Various Roles

Vocational Education Consultant

Fields- Fashion, Interiors, Retailing, Jewellery, Management, Personality Development, Dance, Events.

Fashion & Retail Consultant

Fields- High Fashion, Branding, Retailing.

National & International Events Consultant

Fields- Fashion Shows, Product Launch, Branding, Bollywood Event, Concerts.

Our Founder

About Him

Mr. Ratandeep Lal, has closely studied the field in Europe and American market. A graduate from prestigious fashion school of Europe (1988), London College of Fashion, He now has more than 25 years of experience in the field of fashion globally. Witnessing all the changes and developments in the fashion field Mr. Lal has successfully established the brand IIFT and has provided opportunities to all the aspirants who want to enter the field and make a mark in the market and is continuously doing the same.