Fashion Designing

The fashion designing course offers a comprehensive knowledge and unique individual learning of the basics of fashion design. This course aims at preparing and teaching students who aspire to be successful fashion designers and consultants. Fashion Designing is the art of showing your creativity at someone’s display. This course aims to capture not only minds but opens a great opportunity in career with self business and to work with great professionals.

Fine Arts

The course helps to take the student into advanced level of designing, providing them with the knowledge of advanced subjects including illustration, typography, and visualization and printing technology. Also this course consists of art forms including plastic arts (e.g. Cave painting), knowledge of different state arts such as: Madhubani of Bihar, Miniature of Rajasthan etc… and other different types of painting.

Textile Designing

Textile designing course offers the students an opportunity to learn to develop the practical understanding of raw materials and fabrics. It covers all the practical and theoretical aspect of textile field and helps the students to attain perfection for greater outcome in their career.

Textile designing is the art of converting raw material into finished goods with excellent knowledge of fabrics, colour combination and practical technique. They mainly deal with fabric and interior decor items. The students are handled by professionals with their imaginable designs and that turns into wider future opportunities to be successful.

Interior Designing

Interior design is a career choice that involves much more than creating warm, comfortable, and interesting home environments for other people. It is about optimizing space, natural lighting, and more in ways that are efficient and inviting, among other traits.

Students certainly have their own ideas about space management, and it's our responsibility to lay out all the options for students to come out with their best designs.


Short Term Courses

IIFT provides short term courses for the fashion enthusiasts who wants to go a bit further to learn and explore the fashion market and do something innovative.
The courses are as follows:

  • Jewellery Design (3 months certificate course/6 months certificate courses)
  • Accessory Design (3 months certificate course/6 months certificate courses)
  • Event Management (3 months certificate course/6 months certificate courses)
  • E-fashion (3months certificate course/6 months certificate courses/9 months)